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Study happily with these savings tips

All former students know that there can often be problems during their studies. These are not just difficulties with chores or lectures. Rather, many students are depressed by the financial situation and they learn to save early. A busy schedule that often lasts into the evenings keeps most young people from working. After all, the entire energy is used during the study for the learning content, leaving little time for a part-time job. Here are the saving tips for your carefree study.

Unfortunately, many people think that students can enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable life full of joy and party. That often does not correspond to the truth. Many students, among other things, still have children to raise or otherwise have to take care of their fellow human beings such as elderly mothers or fathers. In the end there is not much time left to accept a job, so that a little extra money can be earned. Particularly hard it hits young people who have no right.

Not always help from parents available

During their studies, very few parents have enough financial resources to support the children in addition. The cost of accommodation often ranges up to 500 euros a month and more. So that these costs are not too depressing, further tips should be internalized so that at the end of the month a little more money for necessary expenditures remains. In principle, every student should think about saving. In addition to the cost of living are usually still special purchases.

Reduce travel costs

Due to special life situations, a car is often necessary to get from A to B more easily. Very few students have a car, which is often not a problem. After all, you can travel by bus and train for free in certain regions with your student ID card. Pay attention to the conditions of the ticket to avoid paying penalties. The tickets are limited depending on the region and are not enough nationwide.

Opt for a side job

Before you look for a side job and head straight into the sand, you should keep a list with the income and expenses. The expenses should take into account the following costs:

  • Rent incl. Additional costs
  • tuition fee
  • Cost of car
  • foods
  • Transportation costs
  • Purchase of clothing
  • Mobile and Internet costs
  • Book and material costs for the study


This list contains the most important areas of life that you need to take care of as a student. During your studies, you should not live by your circumstances. But that means funding the minimum purchases you need to live.

That’s how you ease your life

Financial tables are easy to create with Exel lists. The monthly incomes and expenses are listed to find out how individually you can handle the money. In the case of necessary acquisitions and conclusion of new contracts, the most favorable tariffs are to be selected predominantly. This is the case among other things with Internet and Handytarifen.

Flatrates should be preferred, and thus increased sudden bills are not expected to exceed the entire budget.

Never put a credit card because it has cost many students their heads. Credit cards have the disadvantage that the overview of the purchases is lost and that you do not perceive directly in the purse the amounts spent with your own eyes. The borrowing of money from the bank should be avoided in order not to go into debt. Under no circumstances may the account be overdrawn as otherwise you will have less money available next month. You should definitely have a free checking account with no account maintenance fees.

Tips for student health insurance

Many students have made the mistake of canceling their health insurance that has gone through their parents. Under no circumstances should you make this mistake and otherwise you can find yourself in a very unfavorable situation. Costs for emergencies, doctors and medicines are to be borne by you, if no KV is present.

If you have a part-time job, you can earn up to 400 euros per month. The amount of health insurance contributions depends on the monthly income and in some cases it makes sense to have a private health insurance to save costs. You should decide at the latest at the end of the study for the legal or private health insurance.

Also note the following saving tips:

Coupon actions

Always look for very good deals that you can get mostly on the internet. On different portals you get numerous discounts, which can save you up to 70 percent. The coupon promotions are best found on coupon comparison sites on the Internet. Daily promotions make it easier for you to study as a student and can generally save a lot of money.

Used furniture

If you need to set up your apartment, you should not go directly to the nearest furniture store. Used furniture is everywhere. Above all on the Internet, used goods are available. Often there are different groups on Facebook who sell or even give away furniture in your place.

Cheap electricity

Electricity does not always have to come directly from the most expensive supplier. Compare best online, where there is in your area the best electricity provider and monthly up to 50 € you can save with certainty.

Compare food

It is not for nothing that advertising brochures can be found in the mailbox at the end of the week. Cheap food is not only available at discounters, but there are special offers on numerous markets that can be worthwhile for you. With a budget book can plan week by week, z. Which food you need and how much money you have to spend on it.

Use student tariffs

Hairdressers, entries in clubs and amusement parks, trips abroad. There are always ways to save money on the student rate. So pay attention to offers and use the opportunity to spare your wallet.

There are always more alternatives

Instead of the expensive ICE, the regional train is enough to visit parents at home and it does not have to be a taxi to get home faster.

At best, you should think twice before spending money. Branded clothing costs you a lot, so it often does clothes from a cheaper supplier. Do not live above your standards and above all secure a few Euros, which you need for bad times.

Think at best of the annual bill for electricity and water, where often additional amounts have to be paid.

If your money is not enough for you, you should look for a side job. Quite often there are offers at fairs that offer very well-paid jobs and that are not permanent. After all, it is sufficient if it is a matter of odd jobs, which bring back some euros again. In this way, you are not distracted from your studies every day and can use the job as a break. Babysitting on weekends, newspapers, or other interesting jobs are always available for students.

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