Project work needs clear guidelines

Project work needs clear guidelines

In addition to the clear guidelines, type of research as well as the other necessary formalities are required to keep your project work properly organized. Especially on the structure and implementation, it is important to get a good grade for the preparation.

When is a project work required?

In principle, every student needs the preparation of a project work in the course of his studies. This type of knowledge transfer is a scientific work with a practical background. Already in the school different projects had to be led, which were finally presented to the classmates. As part of an education and also during the exercise of a profession, you will encounter again and again on project work, which lead without stress and excitement to the safe target. This is detailed here.

Basically, a project work involves a question.

This question should be proved or disproved during the preparation of the topic by practical means. The working process is the goal in such a form of imagination. First, research and work processes are prepared and managed, and finally, you have to get down to work. It is clearly a housework with a practical orientation. The topic selection as well as the structure run mostly in the same order.

Instructions for preparation

To be well prepared, you need to break the process of creating a project into five steps:

Topic selection

The search for the topic includes a problem that needs to be analyzed through project work. The basic problem is then to be fathomed with a practical way, which results in a solution. A clear topic structure has to be recorded, so that the finalization brings a clear red thread with it.

Information analysis

Before starting work, note what information is needed to continue the project. You can use results that have already been developed in other home or project work as an aid. Note any information gaps to start further research if necessary. After the material procurement, you should examine and evaluate the complete material. An optimal way to reach the goal is necessary, so that solutions can be analyzed and discussed. A project plan is imperative to consider the next steps.

Practical phase

The practical phase is guided by the trading steps. The team that has to create the project work has to agree on who takes over which tasks. Known or innovative approaches should be used. Technical aids such as computer programs and video recordings are very welcome and support the project work positively. Changes are to be entered on the work plan at any time in order to observe timely delays.


Before making a presentation, use visual support alternatives to help the audience better understand the results. It is best to use modern programs for presentation. It can be Power Point or modern flipcharts previously filled with content and sketches. The analysis of the results belongs to the presentation of the initial problem, the working process as well as the search on the list of the presentation.


Finally, controlling involves difficulties and complications during project work. The presentation of the results should be structured and interesting so that the results reach the audience.

The structure of your project work

Often not only the oral form of the preparation is required by the professors, but also written project work must be handed out. All notes, graphics and documents that you have already used for the oral presentation, you now have to summarize. The typification of the presentation has a similar structure as a housework. Note the following order for the project work:

  • title page
  • contents
  • foreword
  • introduction
  • Bulk
  • conclusion
  • Glossary, bibliography and appendix


It is very important that you give the main part a lot of attention. The main part has the question at the beginning. Explain best practices and methods used for research. Thoughts and conclusions from the analysis are to be absorbed. In the central part, individual work packages must be read briefly and concisely. Unimportant details and mistakes are not listed. It’s just the important insights you need to collect and ultimately affect the results. The conclusion of the main part refers to the introduction and brings with it a critical analysis of the results. It is necessary for the reader to recognize that you have questioned all content and come to a clear conclusion. In the final word, you are welcome to perform personal experiences and summarize impressions. You should show if your own expectations have been met.

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